Case Study: Cludo Enables Global FMCG Distributor To Redefine Engagement With Its Retail Network

/ Author: Sam Rissman

Cludo’s client is the Australian subsidiary of a global FTSE100 fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company supplying products to a network of over 5,000 retailers across Australia and New Zealand. The client is the leader in a highly competitive market and uses continuous innovation across its products and service delivery to drive competitive advantage. Its Salesforce platform strategy is core to driving this advantage. 

The solution has delivered

20% increase in retailer engagement

15% increase in self service orders

25% reduction in marketing effort

ROI in under 12 months

The client saw an opportunity for further competitive differentiation through better customer engagement and sought an improved business to business (B2B) portal for its retailers to self serve and for staff to engage. Cludo delivered strategic advice to the client on solution options culminating in a recommendation which was endorsed by the organisation’s global parent. Cludo then implemented a transformative portal solution based on Salesforce Community Cloud which met the needs not only of the Australian and New Zealand markets but also four other global markets. 

Applying principles of customer centred design, the solution incorporated enhanced functionality, a sophisticated user experience (UX) / user interface (UI) design that allows retailers to self manage, self serve and gamify their ordering by “competing” against other retailers for third party reward and recognition and other benefits. 

The solution leverages the Salesforce platform to provide a multilingual content management system (CMS) capabilities that support highly personalised outputs in four languages optimally aligned to retailer personas and their physical location and preferences. Using web services integration, the solution surfaces real time data from a range of third party systems which the use of design components reduces code dependency and makes the solution simpler to maintain. The solution also allows targeted marketing messages and offers to be delivered to retailers automatically based on criteria driven from the Salesforce backend 

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