Cludo’s client is a profit-for-member superannuation fund with $14 billion of assets invested on behalf of 75,000 members. It is a hybrid fund, managing both accumulation and defined benefit super schemes for over 80 large employers and hundreds of smaller enterprises Australia-wide.

Cludo’s solution has allowed the organisation to achieve:

Improved acquisition and retention of members and employers through an enhanced customer and employee experience

Increased operational and service delivery efficiencies through automated workflow-driven process improvements

Exceeded return on investment target, allowing the customer to maintain cost and performance competitiveness in the highly competitive superannuation market.

The Fund had introduced a number of applications to administer products and services, record member and employer interactions, provide reporting and analytics and manage member and employer communications, however the environment did not provide a single view of employer data, delivered limited visibility for member and employer-facing staff of client interactions. The legacy environment delivered a fragmented and inconsistent member experience and was burdened by manual and inefficient internal workflow processes.

To address these challenges, the organisation undertook a digital transformation which included the implementation and integration of Salesforce across three key user groups; Member Services, Employer Relations and Corporate Development teams.

Cludo developed and implemented an integrated Salesforce solution for its client to manage member, employer and key stakeholder engagement. The solution provides the organisation with a system of engagement for prospects, members and employers and integrates with the Fund’s administration platform data which is managed externally by an outsourced service provider. 

The solution integrates with the organisation’s marketing automation application which has enabled the Fund, for the first time, to unify visibility and the customer experience across marketing, sales and service and move to a customer-centred service delivery model. The solution allows the Fund to maintain, monitor, report-on and be responsive to members and employers, make timely decisions and informed decisions and automate repetitive tasks, thereby creating efficiencies and reducing operational and service delivery risk.

Following implementation, the Fund has engaged Cludo as a strategic partner via managed services to deliver ongoing enhancements to the solution. The Cludo solution has enabled the Fund to pursue its strategic growth objectives through focused and efficient B2B (employer) and B2C (member) engagement.

Cludo’s client provides software solutions to childcare management solutions with a market-leading product supporting over 7,000 childcare centres across Australia and New Zealand.

The solution has delivered

End-to-end organisational efficiencies

Increased automation across the lead to cash process

Digitisation and automation across customer contracting

Greatly enhanced internal user experience

As a long term user of Salesforce, Cludo’s client was seeking to gain efficiencies across its lead-to-cash process, improve the way it interfaced with prospects and customers and enhance the experience of its employees. Against this backdrop, Cludo was engaged to drive the targeted organisational outcomes by enhancing the Salesforce solution and its use across the business. 

Applying its proven methodology, Cludo worked closely with the organisation’s sales, finance and IT teams to unlock areas of opportunity and specify and deliver architectural and functional enhancements to the Salesforce solution. The scope of work undertaken included:

  • Optimising the sales pipeline process to ensure opportunity stages and reporting aligned to the organisation’s way of operating;
  • Automating customer contracting in alignment with the Opportunity object using workflows and orchestration to support electronic contract generation, sending and signing using Conga Composer and Conga Sign;
  • Implementing real-time, web services integration with the client’s finance system to:
    • Automate account and invoice creation associated with software order fulfilment;
    • Surface account spend, invoice status and payment information in Salesforce; and
  • Making changes to add flexibility to billing cycle cadence options (e.g. annual, bi-annual, quarterly invoices and monthly invoices) to allow the organisation to better manage cashflow.

The updated solution delivered by Cludo has allowed the organisation to increase the efficiency and flexibility of its end-to-end lead-to-cash process and markedly improve the internal user experience.

Cludo’s client is a non-bank lender providing growth funding options to Australian business owners. Cludo delivered strategic advice to the client on ‘the art of the possible with Salesforce’ and then implemented a streamlined loan origination solution using Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. Supporting strategic intent, Cludo implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud to assist in the acquisition and nurturing of loan applicants. 


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Cludo’s client is a Queensland and NSW based hiring and staffing solutions provider and a registered training organisation (RTO) providing a connected suite of offerings to apprentices and tradespeople. The organisation supports over 20,000 apprentices and 8,000 trade-based businesses.

The solution has delivered

Seamless visibility of employers and apprentice placement

20% increase in on-boarded apprentices and employers

> $500k in net benefits

The organisation had an existing Salesforce CRM deployment which supported a range of business processes and services to its customers, however this solution was challenged by a lack of integration, functional alignment and effective adoption. With the organisation pursuing a strategic growth agenda, enhancements to its CRM solution were needed.

Cludo was engaged to enhance the organisation’s Salesforce CRM. Core to the uplift was integration with the organisation’s financial and operational systems and functional realignment and extension to position the Salesforce solution at the centre of its customer prospecting and acquisition and its whole of life and alumni focus on employee and employer connectedness. In delivering the enhanced solution, Cludo has enabled the organisation to systematically support its growth objectives, improve its service delivery, improve its planning and increase its operational efficiency by:

  • providing a single source of truth that surfaces all key prospect and customer information and the organisation’s interactions with them 
  • standardising recruitment, apprentice and employer processes and automating workflows to reduce manual activities
  • increase visibility, measurability and reportability of service interactions and group performance
  • enabling marketing campaign execution, management and measurement
  • providing field service staff with remote access to all features and data.

Following implementation, Cludo was engaged via managed services to deliver ongoing enhancements to the solution to meet evolving organisational changes.

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Cludo’s client is an Australian national charity dedicated to helping those affected by cancer to survive and live a better quality of life. The charity runs a number of signature fundraising campaigns annually which account for the bulk of the organisation’s activity and income.

The solution has delivered

a consolidated view of all supporters and their engagement ability to cross-market to supporters across different donation types

consistent and highly personalised cross channel experience to supporters

annualised efficiency dividend of over 25%

The organisation’s fundraising efforts and efficiency were hampered by disparate CRM systems which siloed  supporter engagement across major campaigns and fundraising initiatives. To better support fundraising and to create organisational efficiencies, the charity made a strategic decision to centralise all prospect and supporter data into their Salesforce CRM and run all campaigns and engagement from this single source of truth. 

Cludo was engaged to plan, design, setup and deliver the migration of data and associated business rules and workflows from a legacy Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Salesforce. The migration covered over 4 million supporter records and spanned Contacts, Campaigns, Activity, Registrations, Orders, Payments and Receipting Management, all supported by associated workflow rules. A feature of the solution design and the resultant configurational changes to the Salesforce solution gave the charity, for the first time, the ability to understand their relationship and engagement with supporters across all donation types and campaigns.

Further extending the solution was the work undertaken by Cludo the implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud and migrate, using a lift-and-shift approach, over 50 existing journeys for capturing and converting new leads and nurturing existing supporters from a legacy marketing automation application. 

By leveraging the Salesforce platform and its single source of data for its members, patients and charitable givers, the charity now enjoys increased efficiencies through its marketing automation capabilities and delivers a consistent and highly personalised cross channel experience to all its supporters.