Salesforce Spring ’17 Update Has Landed | Bonus Post

/ Author: John Smith

Spring ’17 is here.  But what does that mean?

In a nutshell it means that Salesforce have upgraded their platform (this happens 3 times per year.)  This release includes some new features within the lightning interface that being it in line with the functionality of the older Salesforce Classic interface.

If you want an overview of some of the specific features that I am excited about, please look back to my previous posts:

If you are an admin, create a new application for your users to use the new Lighting Console for Sales or Service.  Remember to pilot it first with a small set of users and provide instructions for changing between apps and/or interfaces.

Bonus feature review:

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards get some enhancements that will make lives in Lighting much more productive:

  • Users can now subscribe to reports in the Lighting Experience (previously only available in Classic)
  • Reports can be filtered via URL parameters. This used to be a feature in Classic that was achievable via a URL hack.  Now it is a fully supported Salesforce feature for the Lightning Experience.  This means that you can now place links within your record pages to reports and filter them based off of data from the source record.
  • Dashboards are now visible as other users in the Lighting Experience (previously only available in the Classic interface.)
  • Use chatter within Dashboards to share report charts.  This will be a great way to bring users into a conversations about actual performance.
  • Funnel and Scatter charts are now available in Lighting Experience Dashboards.  Now you can represent your pipeline as a funnel (like it always should of been!)