Salesforce Spring ’17 Update Review – Lightning is ready!

/ Author: John Smith

Alright! Time to start adding some content to this blog….

I am going to take the time and effort in writing posts relating to the thrice yearly Salesforce upgrades.  As a Salesforce nerd, the upgrades and release notes are something that I love to review and analyse for all the juicy new stuff that I can implement for Cludo and Cludo’s customers.

I will keep these short and on point.  The release notes are a lengthy read, so I will break these down and post once or twice a week leading up to the production release.

Lightning is ready!

Not everyone is on the new Lightning Interface, this goes mainly for customers who have been using Salesforce for a while now.  Since it was released in 2015, Lightning has been through pilot phase, beta phase and now it is GA (in my own view) with Spring ’17.

Here are 3 things from the Lightning Experience Features in this release, Spring ’17, that I wanted to share.

Lightning Console Apps

This is one of the most exciting features to come to the lightning experience.  For Sales and Service users, the multitab experience that the Service Console provided is now available in the Lightning Experience.  Two new apps now come standard with Spring ‘17: Sales and Service.

The reason that this is such a good addition is that it will enable faster navigation between records and related records in the system.  For users who work out of Salesforce for many of their day to day functions, this will provide a massive efficiency boost.


Utility Bar in Lightning Experience

The Utility bar has been available in Lightning apps for a little while now only via the API though.  Now the utility bar has a suite of standard components that can be added to a Lightning App.  Think of this as the Lightning version of the footer in the Salesforce Classic Console app.

I am excited about:

  • being able to place chatter in an always accessible place for users to collaborate
  • being able to have instant access to any list for any object
  • being able to trigger a visual flow (i love flows)
  • history will be a useful widget for quickly navigating around the system
  • having a new standard mechanism for integrating softphones for sales and service apps
  • seeing what other custom utilities can be developed by the clever people in the Salesforce ecosystem

Global Actions Menu

For users who have been on Lightning Experience for a while now you might of thought that the Global Actions Menu ( + symbol up the top) was quite limited.  Well now Salesforce has set this up so that you can put almost everything in there.  This will be valuable for quick creation of any object in the system or to trigger a lightning component.  This will start being a feature that is used more and more.

I am going to try to keep these posts as brief as possible to try and target information worth sharing.  Until next time when I talk about some of the new Sales Cloud features.  (And they are awesome!)

Thanks again: James Keaney | (james dot keaney at cludo dot com dot au)