Salesforce Spring ‘20 – coming in mid-Feb

/ Author: John Smith

Written by Daryl Moon

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The next release of Salesforce (Spring ’20) is coming in mid-February 2020. The release notes are out now and the race is on the find the hidden treasures that make life easier for users, admins and developers who use Salesforce on a daily basis. By the time we all return from the holiday season, these features will be nearly ready for us to use.

Assign Tasks to Queues

Tasks can now be assigned to a queue instead of multiple tasks being created when added to a group of users. This allows all team members to help out without the task being assigned to a single user or being manually delegated or reassigned.

Assign a task to a queue

Opportunity Scores from Einstein

All Sales Cloud Users will have access to Einstein Opportunity Scores which uses AI to help sales reps and managers to prioritise opportunities and close more deals. Einstein Opportunity Scoring gives each opportunity a score, from 1 to 99, which is available on opportunity records, list views, the forecasts page, and reports. This feature will be available on a rolling basis starting in 2020 – at no additional cost.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Opportunity Contact Roles

You can use the automation tools including process Builder, Flow Builder or Workflow Rules to automate adding Opportunity Contact Roles to every new Opportunity. You can also automate notifying Opportunity Owners when Opportunity Contact Roles are created or updated.

Email Threading

The activity timeline will now relate emails to a single thread so you can see the full discussion as a single conversation.

Email Threads

Schedule Emails

Users of the Salesforce Inbox or the High Velocity Sales licences can schedule emails for delivery in the future. This allows the email to be received at the optimal time for it to be read and hopefully actioned.

Scheduling emails for future delivery

With the Send Email Later – Pending List component you can reschedule, edit or delete an already-scheduled email message.

Case Management Enhancements

Merging cases is now available without users needing to have modify all permissions on cases. The merged cases are added to the Merged Cases related list. If the user does have modify all then the merged cases are deleted.

Merging Cases

Hovering over the case subject now provides a more detailed compact preview of the case:

When a case has been escalated, it will now display the small red arrow icon next to the case subject when viewing the highlights panel, list view and compact preview:

Escalated Case Icon

Clone objects and their Related Records

A new action to Clone Objects with Related records makes it easy to clone an object with all its related records. Note: This action needs to be added to the page layout for the required object.

Survey Enhancements

There are a number of changes to Surveys to make them more
functional and more visually attractive. These include:

Adding images to question, welcome and thank you pages:

A colour-coded scale for the Net promoter Score:

Additional logic for questions:

There are also changes to the opacity of the content card, button width, improved visibility of pages and branding tabs, the background colour of surveys is changed to white and the colour of the ranking item buttons changes according to the colour of the answer choice buttons:

Update Preview Automatically in Report

You will now be able to edit reports faster without waiting for the preview to refresh with the Update Preview Automatically feature. Turn this off until your report changes are complete, then click refresh to see the changes in the preview window.

Report Subscriptions Attachment

Receive the results of a report subscription as a formatted spreadsheet. Note: this is a beta function so you will need to enable it and remember it’s not production ready yet.


With your Trailblazer.Me login, you will be able to access multiple salesforce sites with a single login and manage your profile and settings in one place.

Permission Set Groups

Now you can assign users a single permission set group instead of multiple permission sets. Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that users need for their job.

Flow Enhancements

There are several improvements to the Flow Builder as it’s
functionality is improved further – to eventually replace Process Builder
(still some time away).

Before-save updates in flow are up to 10 times faster than the equivalent in Process Builder:

Edit a flow from the App Builder:

Deactivate a flow from within the flow:

Salesforce Data Mask for Sandboxes

Salesforce Data Mask is a managed package that your admin
can install to “mask” (or obfuscate) sensitive data in full or partial copy
sandboxes. You will then be able to work with copies of your production data
safely while respecting the privacy of the data.

Remember these features are not available until Mid-February 2020. More details are available in the release notes here:

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